Yoga for Period Pain

Next Open Session: March, 6th at 10:30 am CET.

Have you ever heard someone saying: “Wow, I’m going to have my period in a few days, that’s so cool, I cannot wait!”? Probably not.
We (almost) never hear it.
And we probably never said it ourselves and aren’t going to say it after this workshop either.BUT we could learn to live with it better.
We could begin stopping fighting against the cycle.
We could learn to embrace the vital rhythm of our bodies, their needs, their messages.
We could prepare ourselves and develop a routine that supports body, mind & spirit to go through menstruation in a way that soothes potential discomfort, cramps, backache, headache and so on and help us to stay centred in ourselves, giving us tools to welcome, understand and address our emotional needs.Let’s try it out together – because we are not supposed to go through such an important thing, which affects our human community at its core, on our own – it’s quite the opposite.

This meeting is for every human who experiences menstrual bleeding.

We will meet on Zoom for a 90 minutes session.

There will be a 15 minutes introduction, about one hour of yoga and meditation practices and a 15 minutes closing sharing circle. Yoga can be a super helpful and powerful companion in this journey. It can treat period pain and thanks to meditation and breathing techniques give us access to the emotional worlds of PMS and menstruation. Because yoga can reduce stress, it is said that it can also help to stimulate the body’s own natural painkillers. And because yoga creates a safe space for us to embrace our own body, it can help us to nourish that special art called Love Your Self. 

There will be a minimum and a maximum of participants, so if you already know that you would like to participate, please register your spot soon. At the same time, share it with your beloved out there! Our period is super important, and we can build a relation with it based on love and empowerment – so, let’s do it.

I am offering this session as a present to the community out there, inspired by the nice occasion of the 8th March, and I ask you to send your donation to Hildashaus, a Berlin-based association engaged in female empowerment. I cooperate with them, I know them well, and I know that they put all their hearts and competence into this project. Therefore, I want to support them out loud! Suggested donation, according to your possibilities: 5/10/15€.

Please send your donation here:

To register your spot, write me here or drop me two lines at

If you cannot attend at that day and time but would love to participate, please let me know.I am looking forward to meeting you all, lovely badasses! And never forget how gorgeous we are: “We can bleed for one week straight without dying.”

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All the Love,