Spiritual Activism

When I was younger, the theories of systems psychology were not so developed yet, there was no globalization, and it seemed reasonable to me to focus on personal growth and healing. Slowly it became clear that there cannot be true personal care without community care. We are together. Together with other living beings and together on this beautiful planet. Our collective actions have consequences on the ecosystem. Our issues are community issues. Our well-being can only be real as a shared experience in our existence as human beings.

We are together, and together we heal.

Yoga is a journey to the deepest core of our nature and a powerful way to connect ourselves with the Bigger Picture.

One of the most important things we can do today as conscious parts of the human community is to understand which is our healing power and how can we use it. How can we heal ourselves? How are our healing powers expressing themselves? How can we use them in a positive, transformative and regenerative way for our local community and for the whole planet? Are we present? Are we whole? Are we awake? What is silently laying within us, waiting for us to wake up and let it shine? What makes us happy? How can we handle our own empathy? How can we feel connected with everyone and everything and still centred and balanced? How can we keep ourselves aware of the challenges the modern world has to face, and at the same time remain healthy, joyful, resilient and resourceful? How can we use our position, our education, our good luck, our power, for the good of as many living beings as possible? Are our voices needed? I believe they are.

We need tools to guard our inner peace, despite our sensitivity towards the climate issues and social injustice.
We need to build a society able to embrace new forms of living, of de-growing, of creating wellness.

This is the time of being creative and inventing new models. This is the season to try to call up our resilience to establish a new way of sharing the human experience. We need to find a path to strengthen our tolerance and to empower our way to respond to what happens in the world.

Yoga can help us – and it will. ૐ

In 2019 I offered for the first time a 9 months course on Spiritual Activism. This course was open to everyone who finds that to practice for her/his spiritual growth meant also becoming a new person, awakening to the essential, taking care of the whole and starting creating new life patterns. We were not able to do it all in nine months, but we had two options: begin changing or go on business as usual. As Wordsworth once wrote: “To begin, begin.”

Our practice in this Spiritual Activism Course has been truly oriented to participate in a social change as peaceful yet active beings. We had a monthly theme which directed our spiritual practices and a monthly asana sequence which supported our process of discovering, understanding and integrating.

As you maybe already know, the 7% of the proceeds has been donated to “TreeSisters“, a global network of women who work for the restoration of our tropical forests.

 Next online course will start in january 2023!

And I would love to meet you there. ♥ 

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And still we rise, and so we heal.