Red Tent

Three years ago I started collaborating with Giulia Maccanelli offering regular Red Tents in Berlin.

What is a Red Tent? It’s an opportunity for women to come together and walk together a common path of discovering the feminine. Since we are both native Italian speakers, we decided to follow our mother tongue and offer these gatherings in Italian, for the many, beautiful and powerful Italian-speaking women living in Berlin.  These gatherings are for all women-identifying folks.

The Red Tent is a circle of women, which following the most ancient matriarchal cultures, meets regularly to know each other, know each self better, talk, listen, share, dance, learn new things and celebrate their feminine being. In the past, in many societies of different cultures, women honoured their bodies gathering once a month, resting, observing the natural cycle, celebrating the female connection among them, with the Mother Earth, with the Moon, with the Feminine Divine. The colour red is symbolic of the red thread that connects all women together by their menstrual blood – whether you have it or not, not any more, or not yet. In the Red Tent the different stages of a woman’s life, such as birth, menarche, childbirth, menopause, etc were marked and celebrated in the circle, in the community of women.

There are many reasons why in the contemporary societies is not like this any more.

The good news is that Red Tents are coming back in the whole world. Women are coming back together, again.

We meet regularly for our Tenda Rossa in Berlin!

If you would like to receive  more information about it, write us here: or visit the FB-Group.