Yoga Coaching

With this journey of private Yoga Coaching Sessions I will try to offer you an opportunity for self-knowledge, healing and personal growth.

Self-knowledge brings acceptance and full recognition of our own nature. Yoga provides plenty of tools for us to embrace our own nature and I will try to serve the purpose of your soul with all the experiences, initiations and studies that I have got during the course of my life and that will enrich the yoga practice.

I myself have gone through intense seasons and regions of the soul and in me you will find a non-judgmental, open and compassionate heart.

The Yoga Coaching Sessions can last from one up to three hours (we would decide which length is better for us) and can include elements of yoga therapy and practice of Asanas (yoga poses), Nada yoga (yoga of sounds), Nidra yoga, yoga psychology, pranayama (breath-work and energetic techniques), guided meditation, chakra activation, Reiki treatments and rituals. We can have these sessions in person or online.

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I offer you a 60 minutes first talk completely for free (phone or video-call) in which we will get to know each others and understand if we can go together on this amazing journey.

Your costs: After the first free talk, for 75 min. online sessions we will have the following prices. If our Yoga Coaching Sessions are longer than 75 min. and/or take place in person, we will adapt the energy exchange.                                                           75 minutes: 50€                                                                                                                                                                                                 5 x 75 minutes: 220€  (12% discount)

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“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Bhagavad Gita