About me

My name is Anna Scirè. I was born in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and I knew ever since I was a child that my home was my soul. (The sea was a tough competitor, though).

Since I learned to read, I have been a wild reader. I have read books about spiritual growth since the beginning of this journey. All this reading has given to me many instruments of strength, faith and understanding.

The yoga practice came later – it was love.

My practice is deep, gentle and therapeutic.
Things I love: writing, poetry, art, music, travelling, gardening, herbalism, cooking, walking, laughing, kindness, wildness.

I am an activist. I believe that Our True Nature IS Nature. Do you know the TreeSisters?

This picture was chosen because it was taken in a place I love and by the person I love the most. It’s from some years ago, and I had less of that charm which comes with the age – so please adjust your expectations accordingly. 😉


2006-2009      Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

2016-2017      Meditation Guide Training

2017-2018     Nidra Yoga Teacher Training

2018              Fascial Yoga Instructor Training

2019              Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training

2019              Yoga for Children Teacher Training


As a Yoga Teacher certified in Italy, I am registered as a member of the Y.A.N.I. (Yoga Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti – Yoga Teachers National Alliance)


I have been practising Dance Theatre following Emma Scialfa’s inspirations for some years when I was living in Italy. I loved it. I have been exploring small branches of the gorgeous worlds behind body-work, butoh dance, Meyerhold biomechanics and Grotowski Theatre. With Gary Brackett, I had the possibility to engage my-self in the Living Theatre, performing with all my heart and my civil sense of responsibility.

And my body.

The political body, the artistic body, the true body.

In the university in which I have studied philosophy, I have met a professor whose works and thoughts have represented a great encounter in my life, Alberto Giovanni Biuso. A philosopher of the body, let’s say.

The philosophical body. 

In 2004 I had the first Reiki Initiation. A big door of love inside me has been opened that afternoon.

The healing body, the healer body, the body of love.

Thanks to my parent’s life choices, I was growing up close to the researches of Roberto Assagioli. He was the founder of the psychosynthesis, a spiritual and holistic approach to psychology that had developed from psychoanalysis. His understanding of the human experiences had a big influence on me.

The body-mind, the body-psyche, the body-soul.

For some years, I had some contacts with the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, which promotes a spiritual practice that has evolved out of the ancient ways of the Twisted Hairs medicine men and women of Turtle Island (the Americas). They gave me magic and never-ending starry sky. I practice now shamanic journeys following the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

The magic body, the elements body, the worlds body, the shaman body.

The work of Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Dianne Bondy, Susanna Barkataki, Colin Hall, is supporting and inspiring my spiritual activism path. I strongly believe the modern yoga world needs kind of the same revolution that the non-yoga world needs. Back to the roots, the truth, the values, the soul of things.

The critical body, the thinking body, the questioning body.

I am an artistic soul. I write. I have been vibrating in art even before understanding what art was. Important.

The vibrant body. The experimenting body. The hungry, crazy, happy, free, magnificent, insignificant, singing, playing, composing, drawing, painting, writing, shooting, shaping, creating, craving, weirdo, poetic body.

I have always believed in connections with others. People are something I like. Incredibly wonderful friends make my life a paradise. I am married to a great man, companion, guru, psychonaut, sweetest of the sweets, king of dreams, beach soul and no-stopping singer. You will always find gratitude in my days for that.

Our bodies, our body.

Body IS the soul, after all. I am present. I laugh a lot.

Come by for tea and cookies and have a lovely day, dear reader, magic fabulous You.